with ArcGIS Pro

Tanaka contours in the Oxia Planum region of Mars


with ArcGIS Pro, Blender, Photoshop, and Illustrator

  1. Creating a fixed layout in Pro where I could export data from
  2. Creating a shaded relief in Blender, following Daniel Huffman’s method
  3. Blending it all together in Photoshop, again following Daniel Huffman’s method and drawing inspiration from his Photoshop terrain walk-through
  4. Labeling in Illustrator. Thanks…

with Python & Illustrator

Snippet from the final layout

Data processed using R

The Hack

The Data

using Java, Leaflet, and turf.js


Looking for a 5k in Madison, WI
  1. It was a great learning experience.
  2. My app is free while Strava’s routing is a premium feature.
  3. While Strava pulls potential routes from its “3 billion activities and 50 million users”, my app does not keep track of…

If you would like to learn about the implementation of this web app, please read on. If not, then you can find the Code Compliance map here. Please be patient as the data loads.

Kray Freestone

Just a curious GIS Developer

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